Anna Nikulina


BIRTH PLACE - fourth planet from the Sun. 
EDUCATION - I’m an engineer. Really. 
HOW OLD ARE YOU? - Enough. 
WHY DOTS? - Because it’s the basis of all. Like atoms and molecules. Like raindrops that flow into a river that fills the ocean. 
MAY I BUY YOUR ARTWORKS? - Two good people can always agree. 
HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU USUALLY SPEND ON ONE ARTWORK? - 1.5 square inch full cover in one hour. 
FAVORITE QUOTE? - Bleep Bloop Beep Boop.

Do your remember as a kid you dreamed of a microscope to see the tiniest particles in the world, and then a telescope to look at huge distant objects? In my works, you will kill two birds: the macrocosm and the microcosm. At first glance it’s a picture that doesn’t hide anything, but ...      wait a second, I can see what it is made of!

Gravitation, chemistry, forces of nature - all these make the dots gather in groups, forming various colors - the same way that we are made of small parts, and just like your device on which you now see this text ... Watch out, don't scatter!

My path as an illustrator and artist began a long time ago, and I was lucky to be both a book illustrator and a real artist.

Who am I now? The new local artist in Phoenix, AZ. 

And I will continue to do my job further, no matter what happens!